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them every day until christmas. how fun is that? >> speaking of christmas. we'll have "fox and friends" wish list tomorrow . if you checked everything off of the list . at 5:40 we'll bring you great ideas for kids of all ages. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. see you later. >> gretchen: good morning, it is thursday november 29th. we are almost to the end of november already. i am gretchen carlson. can you say humongous jackpot. winners are announced and we know where they are from. but if you didn't hit the jackpot you could be a millionaire. >> excellent. talk about awkward. mitt romney and president obama set to break bread at the white house in a couple of hours. but why? details live on washington on
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the meeting we were all hoping to be a fly on the wall at. >> how a simple phototurned a cop into a viral angel. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. so everyone should give up because this is the winning ticket right here. >> steve: we didn't give up. >> brian: you get it from missouri. >> gretchen: there are millionaires in new york and new jersey and connecticut. so who knows? stay tuned if you live in those three states. >> brian: it is a happy day for me, we can no longer talk about powerball. i am so tired of the story. give the people the billions. >> steve: now they are part of
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the one percent that are demonized by the democrats. >> gretchen: two people waking up winning in the 550 million powerball jackpot. did you realize tickets are up to two dollars a piece. i went to buy five. they changed it in january. >> i hoped you won some to defray. >> brian: what are you doing since your show is over. >> talking to you guys about the powerball. powerball officials say that the ticket sold in arizona and state of missouri, matched all six numbers and they have won the record $580 million jackpot and wait for the winners to come forward and not clear if it belongs to individuals or groups. arizona officials have no information on the winner or
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winners. they would announce more in the news. gretchin 5, 16, 22, 23, 29, and the powerball number of 6. so here is a break down of the money. total winnings $58+ . and so roughlily $192.5 million if two people split the tickets . so stay tuned. there will be more winners in the show later on you might have gotten something anyway. >> very nice. and meanwhile from powerball to power lunch. these two guys are going to meet for the first time since the final debate. that's right mitt romney and the president of the united states. the president invited mitt romney over to the white house. peter doocy has a preview.
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>> the white house reached out to mitt romney to invite him for the one on one lunch. a senior romney source said when they sit down without staff members present. it will be two adversears getting together for a social lunch. >> the president said there are aspects of romney's record and ideas that he believes could be helpful. and the president noted that mitt romney did a terrific job running the olympicss and that could help make the federal government work better. the president requested reorganization authority from the congress to do just that. >> chief strategist from the romney campaign described the way president obama won reelection . there was a time not so long
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ago when the problems of the democrat party was too liberal and too dependent on minorits. obama turned those problems to advantages and rode that strategy to victory. it comes six weeks after a face to face showdown on the deadly raid in the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> you said it an act of terror. it was not a spontanous demitration. >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. >> and while he is in town, he will meet with congressman paul ryan. they have kept in touch and at a are catching up somewhere off cap capt hill where ryan has returned to work. >> steve: i wonder if candy crowley will be invited.
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>> gretchen: it is a photop. it is disappointing in the sense. if it were president bill clinton, you might think that something. ideas might be exchanged with one another. >> steve: some folks suggest that maybe the president would offer him secretary of business. >> gretchen: really? wait a minute. what percentage of people watching right now think that president obama would offer mitt romney secretary of business. >> brian: that is. >> gretchen: that would be fantastic but i doubt it. >> brian: in reading his bio. one of the business mistake was working in the cabinet for president nixon. i am personally kind of disappointed that bee are talking about tax rates for the rich. >> steve: campaign.
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>> brian: what about the middle class people standing in the back drop as they need a break and the president urging for something to be done yesterday and there is no scheduled meetings with john boehner. >> gretchen: it is annoying to see just a campaign. how many people are tired of a campaign speech. why not come to the table and figure it out. i don't understand it. >> steve: at this point, both sides know what they will give up. what their concessions will be. they don't want to go first. we are 33 days away from the official fiscal cliff and sailing off of it . in the washington post they describe a sense much gloom descending over the capitol, bowles meet and he sees one and three chance of an agreement before january. but mr. bowles had met with the president the day before
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and president had flexibility about that higher tax rate. he wants 39.6 percent. maybe he would take 36, seven,. >> brian: or raise the thres hold. >> gretchen: why would the president be in a negotiating position . he won reelection . >> steve: this is behind the scenes. >> brian: leverage we can go back to recession. you cannot blame george bush because he is in dallas. here is president obama yesterday and you heard from charles krauthammer. >> familis and small businesses can enjoy peace of mind heading in christmas and heading in the new year and it would give us more time than next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits and stream line tax. including asking the wealthiest americans to pay more for education and train
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science and research. >> any republican who buys this is a fool. republicans have stood for one thing statistically that held them. they are the low tax party. the other guys want to tax to match their reckless spending. if they give it up now in return for nothing, obama wins and high wins big. i understand why the democrats are doing this. they imagine that republicans have no bargaining power today . i say that it is true if republicans resist they will take the blame and that will help democrats in the congress. but obama's never running again. he doesn't care who gets the blame. he is the president and a blame duck. he wants a successful second term. if it starts by going over the cliff it starts with second
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recession and wrecked second term. >> steve: that's why the president said i would be willing to do anything to get a deal. >> gretchen: it is not a deal. this is what the american public needs to know. this is raising taxos successful people and reducing taxes on the middle class. that is not a deal folks. they will waste your taxpayer dollars and overspend and continue to raise yourr deficit unbelievable numbers that you can't find on yourr calculator. this is not a deal and kicking the can down the road . hear the president to come to a table and find a deal. who believes that? he had four years to do that and did not do it. >> steve: smoosomeone who will not let the president of the united states raise taxes is john boehner. that is not happening. >> brian: he said revenue on the table don't act like we
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are not budging. >> steve: tim geithner is showing up. boehner and geithner and company come over and you better have a plan. more on this later on. >> gretchen: now the rest of the headlines. gitmodetainees. are they coming back to america now. or feinstein said possibility. the story came to light after fox news turned up a document. feinstein's office put it on line. that was his first executive order when he was elected president. he said he would close gitmo. it is still open. abbas's turn to ask for palestinian statehood. expected to get his wish .
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he wants palestine to be updated to a nan member observer state. it would provide international recognition for palestinian control over areas that israel captured in the six-day war. >> said many times that the path to a two-state solutionn that fulfilled the aspirerationn of the palestinian people is through jers lemm and ramallah and not new york. >> israel is saying it will not return to negotiations after the vote. >> brandd new details lurking in the train crash that kill would four wounded warriors. the railroad crossing only gave a 20 second warning that the train was coming. it is supposed to be 30 seconds. and the driver of the truck entered one second after the crossing guards began to lower.
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>> you are about to see a photothat turns a police officer in a hero now. he saw a homeless man in times square and had no shoes on his feet. he went to a scretcher's store and bought a pair of boots. a tourist of arizona snap today on the nypd page. the officer said he's kept the receipt for the is ever upon in h vest to remind him that people have it worse. >> he was worse walking around with just his jacket on. it went viral and another greattening thing about the nypd. >> bride and groomm no longer an option in this state. i am sure you can guess. >> big trouble for a tv star. 70s show actor sent to the slammer and not for the first time. we'll be right back.
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>> now is the time to work on what we all agree keeping middle classs taxes low . that's what our economy need and american people deserve and if we get this part of it right, a lot of the other issues surrounding deficit reduction will be a lot easier . if we get it wrong, the economy will so go south. >> brian: the president owes a quarter every time huteses fair and balanced. we'll collect laterr. working on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. who pays the price if congress fails to act. is it a make or make term? reverend did you like the
3:18 am
president's tone yesterday if the goal was to come to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i think his tone was appropriate because it is even and not an taganistic and fair and balanced in its aproachh and invitesorths to come to the table and indicates a willingness to have a give and take. that's what the american people expect. >> brian: when he said to go visit a manufacturing plant with tinker toys and have a twitter address and hash my 2 k to put pressure on republicans. is that a right tone to get something done? >> i think it is not the president versus republicans. i think the president want to stay close to the american people so that when he goes in the roomm he goes in as the winner of the last election where the majority of the
3:19 am
americans made a choice and reminds americans that he has a authority to cut a deal. >> brian: if you find out a deal is cut and no entitlement reform would you think it was successful? >> no. i think it is clear that in order to avoidd becoming like many in europe rightt now, that there is going to have to be pain and sacrifice shared by all americans. a reasonable structure as urston bowles and simpson offered a frame work that deals with thing in an intelegentt way . the american people can accept the facts if they are put in a straightforward fashion. we have been subject to the spin and not substance. >> brian: raising taxes on people that earn $250,000, which sad low doesn't touch anything. >> that is part of the spin of the left and i think that that
3:20 am
is unfortunate, it suggest that if you tax the other guy you will be okay. when you have a war on crisis economy all americans have to be in and everyone will have to give a pound of fleshh. >> even the dryy cleanner that makes $250,000 be tagged rich may not be the fairest thing in the world. it is an exciting 32 days and that is a countdown clock. >> i am not convinced it is 32 days. i am not convinced if the republicans are not serious of making a deal. it is the president and will go over the with the wind at the back. >> brian: i don't want to be windy. coming up straight ahead. role of the most hated mom in america. who was hired to play casey
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>> steve:quick headlines aly wave of bombings in iraq left 39 people dead. the deadliest killed twen people with back to back blasts. she played lori on the each 70 show. she is under arrest for attacking her husband and busted for spousal abuse back in march. the charges were stopped.
3:25 am
gretch. >> gretchen: thank you so much, steve. unemployment benefits and food stamps are seen as life lines . what if those measures meant to help in the recession are prolonging it. you have to ask the question at point. when do you stop it. redistribution obsession . how labor market contortions affect the economy. good morning to you, professor. >> thanks for inviting me. >> gretchen: one of the things i am interested in, is the continuual unemployment redistribution claim. what member of congress is going to vote against continuing to do what i deem to be the new normal in our society? >> the politically correct
3:26 am
answer is to funnel a lot of help to people who are poor and out of the work and there are definitely advantages to that. big disadvantage in terms of economics is the more people can earn when not work less reason they have to find work on their own and less reason to retain a job they may not like. and we know from lots of experience over the decade and in europe. more help you give people who work less people who work. >> gretchen: why does half of america not believe what you said? >> i think they believe that . it is a balance. as i said, there is an advantage to helping people. help is goodbye itself. and on the other hand you are taking away incentive and it is a balance. and arguably democrats won elections and we are balancing that with less efficiency and smaller economy . that's what we got>> gretchen:
3:27 am
whilewe have high unemployment rate and giving out more and more benefits for a longer benefit of time. we have watched food statches go up and disability claims go up dramatically and looking at the fiscal cliff and talking about raising taxes that will not put a dent in the spending, so what is the answer? >> gretchen: the suggestion i make let's go back to the programs we had five or six years ago. there was a safety net five or six years ago. if you lost your job in 2006, you got some help but not the type of help people have got since then. we go back to that situation and maybe we have a hope much having a labor market go back to the way it was five or six years ago. >> gretchen: professor which politician, republican or democrat is going to be doing
3:28 am
what you just said? >> not the ones from my district. >> gretchen: i mean, they are in eight bind are they not? republicans and democrats are in a bind. will be the one to come to the podium and say let's stop those unemployment benefits. >> it is a bind and the europeans worked it out before . they found helping for the unemployed is politically popular and economically damaging and they did it for decade upon decade and continue to do it. and so yeah, i am not optmistic that we will go back to where we were five years ago it is feasible in terms of economics for sure. >> gretchen: member who knows a lot about it casey mulligan: say goodbye to man and wife. bride and groomm no longger an if you want to get married.
3:29 am
wait until you hear what they call with you now. it has to do with the alphabet. bill o'reilly sounding off next. and happy birthday to don. he is 48 years old. ♪ note ♪ [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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>> steve: gretch. >> gretchen: one month after sandy plunged part of the city in darkness. there is a sandy rainbow. that is a three day laser show. 7 beams are pointed in the hardest hit areas including staten island and the rock away and queens . what a great idea. >> steve: very nice. we have headlines. >> brian: how do you know. >> steve: it is in the teler. a man in ohio getting the mooks mum punishment for bullying a young girl with cerebral palsy. he was recorded on cell phone video making fun of how the 10 year old walks.
3:34 am
>> any time she sees him out of the window. and he's still does the intimidation not to the full extent but he does it. >> steve: that's not good. >> he apologized to the family. >> brian: mark your calendar. casey anthony made for tv movie. it is imperfect justice . it will be told mostly through the eyes of the lawyers in the case. actress virgia welch is cast to play anthony. we are told that she makes only a few brief appearances in the film. >> gretchen: i wonder if they will do that google search for pool proof strangulation . 85 percent of all couches conain toxic chemicals. i thought it was a story of
3:35 am
couch potato. that's the study from the journal. most couches are treated with chemicals to prevent fires. but many chemicals are banned because they could cause cancer among other problems. >> brian: a pee wee player in ohio makes an awesome catch. he doesn't is so excited he doesn't know which way to go. second grade interception and gets the wrong way . he had teammates point him in the right direction unlike jim marshall. it got recognition from another all-star whose name is drew breeze. wow, mason second grader makes one handed pick touchdown . not which wy to run it first. outstanding quarterback with the saints. >> steve: is he being
3:36 am
recruited. >> brian: i don't blame him. one time to cash n >> steve: up in the great state of washington. same-sex law takes affect on december 6th. what that means, the department of health. they have all of those forms to fill out when people get married. they are proposing to get rid of bride and groom and husband and wife and replace it with something . they haven't figured out. it might be spouse a or spouse b or person a or person b. >> brian: person a takes to the be the lawful wedded mate. >> gretchen: you can't even explain it. when you try to explain you go down a bumpy road. guess how many people complain and want to take bride and groom out of the marriage certificate process. >> brian: we can't hear their
3:37 am
answers. >> gretchen: so guess how many people. >> brian: a lot. >> steve: i don't know. >> gretchen: brian said a lot. >> steve: probably not that many. the problem is they changed the law and voted it in and now the government is trying to catch up what the people want. >> gretchen: they voted it in to law same-sex person. one person complained. >> brian: well >> brian: well. was it the brood or the groom. >> society we live n one person complain and you change it for everybody. >> steve: jesse has e-mailed us. wouldn't spouse b be resentful of spouse a. >> brian: aha. boy, you are on the a-team and i am stuck on the b team. and we'll talk about the time person of the year. in the past, it is not the best person of the year. it could be khomen deli.
3:38 am
and charles lin burg the first person. and khomeni caused revolution . protestor last year made an impact with the whole arab spring. but something else that is changing these days about the nominations for this year in particular. >> steve: maybe it is our culture. upon it was times man of the year and then person of the year . bill o'reilly said things have devolved you have b-list celebrities and others on the consideration list. here is mr. bill. >> actor jay-z is nominatedwhy would he be the person of the year. jon stewart and steven cobear. why would he be person of the year. joe biden on the list. for what reason? what has the vice-president done. new jersey chris christy.
3:39 am
he handled sandy well but what else? and karl rove on the more than of the year list. why? also sy on the list . i am voting for sy. he's my guy. i want him to be person of the year that would send time magazine stop screwing a. and barack obama doesn't win person of the year. time nominated mitt romney but no chance. and hillary clinton who some what responsible for the libyan. bill clinton and i vote for jay z over the president. nothing against mr. clinton he is brilliant man. why is he person of the year, for what? we are lifing in a shallow time in merning. pardon the pun. >> steve: one of the other people who reportedly considered sandra fluke. infamously at georgetown university i believe.
3:40 am
>> gretchen: seriously? so is this list published sort of a list or a guessing game. >> brian: it is a way to sell a magazine. >> steve: no one else is buying them. so maybe that will get people interested. >> brian: 21 minutes before the top of the air. major league baseball. and nomination list. controversial in barry boppeds and sammy sose they should get in the hall of fame by their performance. performance enhancing drugs had everything to do with the druggings. the question is, will be put in cooperstown. >> steve: what do you think? >> brian: no, you can't go in and cheat and be the best. it is unfair to hank aar babe ruth. also another brooklyn story. during the brooklyn nets game
3:41 am
against boston celticings. watch. kim kardashian's -- exhusband got into a skirmish there with kevin garnet and rondo said i am smaller and lighter and i will fight you for playing basketball. they get in a brawl and guess who comes out on top. new fangle would tough as nails. 95-83. they are now tied in first place. >> steve: i saw it. brooklyn deckers. >> gretchen: veryy cute. >> steve: we told you earlier the winning numbers in the last night's powerball and 5, 23, 16, 22, 29. and powerball 6. winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri . some people in the tri-state area are waking up as millionaires. one of them is not robert moses from channel 5. he is reporting on people in
3:42 am
the area who might be. >> gretchen: sorry, robert. >> wait, wait, wait. how do you know i am not. >> steve: because you are there. >> gretchen: we don't know. >> steve: read me your numberings. >> all right, i am not. you know what, i am hanging out. my assignment is to hang out with a bunch of losers just like me. seeing them walk out of penn station because they have to go to work today. they hoped they didn't but they do. but there is good news outside of two winning tickets that you guys talked about sold in missouri and arizona. there were million dollar tickets sold here in the tri-state. one two million ticket sold in connecticut and then there were a total of 14 one million tickets sold in connecticut, new jersey and here in new york. it was amazing demand for
3:43 am
these tickets. they were selling at a clip of 130,000 tickets every single minute in the country. that drove the jackpot to a record level. this is the second highest jackk pot in the history of the lottery of the united states. some people in our area waking up millionaires today . i am unfortunately not one of them. i will be at your service for the rest of the morning. >> brian: your loss is our gain. >> that is very nice. thank you. >> gretchen: we are all losers and that will be a quote that goes all over the blog. what happens to the winners. one winner was not jumping for joy. you know what happen to a lottery winnerings it is not always good news >> chris: republicans may break the no tax pledge to avoid to go over the cliff. the judge has a warning for them.
3:44 am
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>> steve: time running out to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. the president will veto a bill that does not raise taxes on the rich. some republicans seem ready to violate their pledge. but judge napolitano said republicans that do that do it on their own peril. they promised not to raise taxs and some are thinking would that be so bad maybe not. >> it is very known republicans. john mccain and peter king who is a friend on the show . congressman king and i went to college and law school together. he an undergraduate when i am
3:48 am
in law school in notre dame . jeff flake also a friend of the show and bob corker. they promised a month ago not to vote to raise taxings under any circumstances. guess what they learned. they learned a lesson to barack obama. give away the people's money and they will vote for you. rather than to shrink the government and lower entitlement and put the government back in the confines of the constitution and let hard working americans to keep their money they will vote to raise taxings. they should remember a very famous pledge made by a very famous and well liked republican. do ow remember this. read my lipps. no new taxes . and when he violated that pledge. the voters threw him out of the white house. >> steve: but at this stage in
3:49 am
the negotiations, john boehner made it clear. he will not raise the tax rates. he's looking at other way to raise revenue. we don't need to raise the rates close to 40 percent. >> they are saying that. they are disingenous. >> i respect in negotiation you take positions that you don't expect to end up with. lind an johnson said never watch them make sausage or legislation because give and take is unpleasant they talk about not raising rates and getting ritted of deductions. what ever takes more money from the hard working americans and gives it to the government and gives it to the consuming part of society. that doesn't cause prosperity. >> steve: last line of your column which is called republicans and taxes regarding bush 41.
3:50 am
her bert walkerb bush would abide by his pledge today. just a guess. >> steve: i bet you are right. >> thank you guys. >> steve: check this out. a zebra chasing a horse in the streets of new york city. you don't see that every day. why are they going. and what do lottery winners doing with all of that dough. the next guest said he didn't do anything he thought they would. his story next. >> americans spent 59 billion over four days. 59 billion. we spent 15 billion a day. almost breaking president obama's record . can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night.
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in case you missed it. this was the numbers in the jackpot. did you win? i hope so. if you are a lucky winner, be careful before you spend all of that cash. >> for the winners pay attention. i know where you are. steven white won over two million in a powerball. he joins us this morning. steven looking back and reliving that moment are you glad you won? >> yes, very much, i am very happy that i won, but it is not what the average person would expect to have happen. >> gretchen: why? >> in every way. well, you know, very few people, they are ill equipped to handle a $200 million
3:55 am
business overnight . that is essentially what happens. you come from yourr daily walk of life and in a blink of an eye you are managing a $200 million business. >> brian: how did you do managing that business. i see that you got a lot of people writing letters and asking for a lot of that money. >> within two days 10,000 pieces of undeliverable mail asking for money and about 500 actually pent money to find out where i lived and sunday sent mow a fed i had great financial advisors around me as i do to this day that are my guiding light. >> gretchen: the scary thing is, you hired security to make sure your family was safe. you also gave money to members of your family and is it true after you gave them money, they no longer speak to you.
3:56 am
>> that is correct. >> gretchen: why? >> that is correct. in their minds it was not enough. you know, it is more often the case that people, they just don't, people change when they feel or know that you won the lottery. i had a person tell me to my face they can't stand me . i anyhow that person 25 years. >> brian: can money buy happiness. >> no, absolutely not. if you are not happy before the money. you will not be happy after the money that. is a fact. i did a documentary and a gentleman in the documentary made a reference about another winner who lost everything . he said winning the lottery is like throwing miracle grow on character flaws . nothing can be truer. it is just a problem. >> brian: steve, we are happy you joined us and that was for
3:57 am
free. steven white, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> gretchen: i suddenlyy feel better about being a loser. >> brian: never been happier being a loser. would you want to know if your baby would grow up to be obese. there is a way to find out. >> gretchen: or is there? it is a zeb rajungle out there. making a break for it in the streets of new york city. ♪ it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 29, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. can you say ka, which hing. we didn't win. two lucky winners in the powerball jackpot, we will reveal the numbers. >> brian: to be a fly on the wall after a bruising campaign, mitt romney and president obama will set the record straight and break bread and maybe who knows how this will -- >> steve: are you projecting a cage match? >> brian: i watched the debate.
4:01 am
they don't get along. will they today? we're going to washington to find out. >> steve: it's a jungle out there, folks. zebra and his toni pal -- pony pal make a run for it down the streets of new york city. >> brian: what's new about that? >> hello. >> steve: "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. giddyap! >> gretchen: remember one time, steve, when you said that there was a new york city restaurant that had horse on the menu? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: you did say that? >> gretchen: he did. i'm wondering if the zebra found out that it could also be eaten for lunch and they both just made a run for it. >> steve: good question. >> brian: it's a zoo story where i think someone left the gate open. >> gretchen: go with me on this. >> brian: it might be. if you have a zebra, you need an
4:02 am
invisible fence. we've been over that. talk about a power lunch, mitt romney heads to the white house in a few hours for a meal with his former foe, president obama, i circle the word former. what's it all about? peter doocy in washington. >> brian, a senior romney source tells us today's meeting was set up about a week after the election and that it was the white house who reached out and mitt romney accepted their invitation, that same aide is telling us that the governor is not coming to town with an agenda and that today at 12:30, it will be two adversaries sitting down for a social lunch, which is basically what the white house is saying as well. >> the president said that there are aspects of governor romney's record and governor romney's ideas that he believes could be very helpful. the president noted governor romney did a terrific job running the olympics and that skill set lends itself to ideas that could make the federal government work better, which
4:03 am
is a passion of the president's. as you know, he requested reorganization authority from congress to do just that. >> just yesterday the chief strategist for the romney campaign, stewart steves, wrote wrote an op ed where he described the way president obama won the reelection, in his opinion. he wrote, there was a time not so long ago when the problems of the democratic party revolved around being too liberal and too dependent on minorities. obama turned those problem noose advantages and rode that strategy to victory. today's meeting comes a little more than six weeks after the two men were at each other's throats about the deadly raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. is that what you're saying. >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. >> mitt romney is also going to get together with his former running mate, congressman paul
4:04 am
ryan at some point today. ryan recently returned to work on capitol hill, but the republican ticket reunion is going to happen somewhere away from the hill, we're told. back to you. >> steve: peter, we thank you very much. >> gretchen: why would mitt romney do this lunch? >> steve: it's the classy thing to do. >> gretchen: maybe. >> brian: it dates back to 1960. jfk we want to visit richard nixon. >> gretchen: i'm all for class, but i don't know what the benefit is of doing this lunch because -- >> steve: you don't want to look like a sore loser. >> gretchen: i don't know. let us know what you think about that. should mitt romney go to this lunch today? i have a couple reservations about it. >> brian: during the holidays with traffic. >> gretchen: not about that. he's not going to go back into politics. is the president really going to listen to mitt romney's ideas? i mean, he's not on the same page at all. so i don't really understand the benefit of this other than the president being able to come out and say, hey, i made good with my former foe. look a great guy i am. >> brian: a late lunch will ruin dinner.
4:05 am
that's a risk. >> gretchen: i'm really serious about it. >> steve: maybe part of it is the fact that we've been talking about the fact that a little more than a month away from right now we face this fiscal cliff, maybe mitt romney, who had a lot of great ideas, and in fact, some of the pros coming out of the white house sound a lot of what mitt romney has said in the past. maybe they'll talk about that. it's interesting, yesterday the president did appear before some small business leaders and essentially this is what he's suggesting to congress: accept tax hikes right now and we will work on a bigger deal later. so let's do the tax hikes right now and do the deal later. what do you think about that? here is the president. >> families and small businesses would therefore be able to enjoy some peace of mind heading into christmas and heading into the new year. and it would give us more time then next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits, streamline our tax system, to do it in a
4:06 am
balanced way. including asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more so that we can still invest in things like education and training and science and research. >> brian: so he is still politicking. and he is setting up a site on twitter, hash tag y2k, meaning if we don't get this passed it will cost you $2,000. he did indicate behind the scenes he's willing to budge on the rate that goes from 35 to 39. evidently he'll move on that number and he will not demand, for example, necessarily now. he might agree to some type of constraints on deductions. >> gretchen: here is the thing, what american wouldn't mind if they have the means, wouldn't mind paying for taxes if they actually thought that it would go to what the president talked about in that sound bite? invest in things like education and training and science and research. there is the problem, it doesn't go to that. what happens is that americans
4:07 am
get taxed more and then nobody ever talks about all the waste. nobody ever talks about all the spending. so it's disingenuous to a certain point of view to say let's tax everyone, but let's not talk about the whole other side of the problem which is waste. >> steve: right. >> brian: let's do the play by play leading up to the last 32 days and the give and take is fascinating. one thing charles krauthammer made clear, republicans have more leverage than they're playing and don't seem to be playing the right hand. listen. >> any republican who buys this is a fool. the republicans have stood for one thing consistently. it's held them together ideal lodgely and electorally. they are the low tax parties. the other guys want to tax to match their wreckless spending. if they give it up now in return for nothing, obama wins and he wins big. now, i understand why they're going to do this. they imagine that republicans
4:08 am
have no bargaining power today. i say it's true that if republicans resist, they'll take the blame and that will help democrats in the congress, but obama is never running again. he doesn't care who gets the blame. he's going to be the president. he's a lame duck. he wants a second term. if it starts by going over the cliff, it starts with a second recession. 2 million unemployed and they wreck second term. >> gretchen: what makes it successful for president obama is get republicans on the ropes to raise taxes and then tell everyone yes, we're going to work this out in the coming year. >> steve: the president has shown that he is a little flexible when it comes to tax revenue. now what do the republicans say in the form ever john boehner is he says, okay, tim geithner who is coming up to capitol hill, have a plan. we want to know what the president will do with entitlements because we've heard from a bunch of people on the
4:09 am
left wing. hands off the entitlements. there has got to be give and take. >> brian: geithner with four meetings yesterday with different leaders. more news. >> gretchen: let's do some headlines because could gitmo detainees be coming back to america? democratic senator diane feinstein says it's viable option and says federal tax dollars on a study to identify prisons that could how's the detainees. the story came to light only after fox news turned up a related document and went looking for answers. two hours later, feinstein's office posted the report on-line. it was four years ago, you remember that, the president and his first executive order when he first took office said he would close gitmo, but then that never happened. here we go again, while you were sleeping, lindsay lohan being arrested? oh, my goodness. according to tmz, she was at the nightclub avenue in manhattan -- where is that, brian and steve? >> brian: in the middle. >> gretchen: around 4:00 a.m. this morning, she got into a verbal fight with a woman sitting in a booth nearby.
4:10 am
lindsey reportedly said something like, give me my space, and then for some reason, she allegedly punched her in the face! lindsey tried to get away in a car, but police were able to catch up with her and make the arrest. >> steve: at least she wasn't driving. >> gretchen: a zebra and his pony pal make a break for it down the streets of new york city. it happened on staten island during the morning commute. >> a pony, all right. but a zebra in staten island running passion me. it came towards me. i tried to stop them so they didn't run to the street. they were running so fast, it was like a herd moving. it was like the pony was leading and the zebra was behind it. >> brian: a golden retriever responds to that noise. >> gretchen: behind him, though, the petting zoo owner, he let the animals out of their stall to clean it. he forgot to close the gate. with the help of the nypd, he was able to get them back home.
4:11 am
i'm still going with the story they found out they were going to be served at the mitt romney-barak obama lunch today. they made a move for it out of town. they also agreed with me, shouldn't have the lunch. >> brian: i blame the pony. clearly the zebra is a follower. >> steve: from horsing around to this, jackpot, the $579.9 million powerball goes to two people in two states. don't know exactly what states. we know where they were sold. the winning numbers are 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and 6. one winning ticket was sold in arizona, the other in missouri. mo is where our affiliate reporter is this morning. so kim, do we have any idea where they sold it or who the person is who is holding the lucky ticket? >> i know it's not me. however, we are waiting to hear exactly where in missouri this lucky winner or winners are located. we do have a lot of people here who bought them in office pools. we're hearing a rumor that maybe
4:12 am
around the springfield area, but again, that's just a rumor. a lot of speculation here in missouri. guys. >> steve: all right. and how much -- do we have any idea how much the winner there in missouri, if they live in missouri, would wind up taking home? >> well, if they decide to take the cash payout, again, since they would have to split this with at least one other winner, that would be the one in arizona. they're looking at a cash payout after taxes of about 385 million. splitting that with the winner in arizona, looking at 193 million. it's not a half billion dollars, but that's still seriously life changing money, guys. >> steve: it absolutely is. over your shoulder is the big billboard that shows what the powerball jackpot is the next time. what is it? >> yeah. we're staring down at a measly $40 million right now. >> brian: not worth the risk. >> i don't know how anyone -- i
4:13 am
don't know how anyone can live on 40 million. i'm pretty sure i can figure it out. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much. appreciate your report. coming up, turn off the lights, then cue the ghost? did you see this? >> steve: yep. >> gretchen: the most terrifying prank ever in an elevator. look at that. the hilarious reaction. they're kind of funny, but there could be some lawsuits coming up. >> brian: then what happened at the big debt meeting between republican leaders and the country's top ceo's? our next guest was there. he'll take us inside. is a [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on.
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4:16 am
>> i'm a guy that drives a 55. i'm not more optimistic. i'm hopeful, but don't put me
4:17 am
near optimistic category. we got a long way to go and very few days to get it done. >> gretchen: that's good news. confident the country is not going to go off the fiscal cliff, yesterday budget expert erskine bowles, he wrote part of bowles-simpson two years ago, didn't seem so sure as he and a group of ceo's met with house republicans. what went on inside the meetings? >> steve: the president and ceo of airlines for america attended the discussions. so i know that they don't want to you spill all the beans, but basically you can tell us the tenor of the meetings? >> the tenor was very good. group of ceo's have come together to try to provide cover to members who will vote for solution that includes a balanced approach to deficit reduction over the long-term. >> steve: you mean when you say cover and balanced approach, you're talking about republican members who might vote to increase taxes? >> republican and democratic members both. not to increase taxes. well, there will be more
4:18 am
revenues on the table, there is no question about it. but there are two other legs to the stool that are key to getting any deal because they won't pass the house and the senate in the end unless you get structural entitlement reform, unless you get spending straight, mixed with the new revenue. it's classic compromise. >> brian: you're talking about from a political point, but i'm talking about from the business perspective, why do you care? how does that affect your business? >> it affects our business in a big way. airlines operate on a razor thin profit margin. we have navigated manmade disasters, navigate natural disasters. we don't need to navigate the fiscal cliff. that will hurt the economy. when the economy is bad, less people travel commercially for leisure, less people send packages. it hurts us and again, razor thin profit margin, we need a good economy, we need the economy good overt long haul. it's good for business. >> gretchen: do you think they were actually listening to what you had to say? >> i think they were.
4:19 am
>> gretchen: really? >> yeah. i think it was a good discussion because the business radio he said were talking about what the impact of going overt cliff would be and also with a it would be down the line. >> gretchen: but so much, nick, of what's been discussed in the press is only about increasing taxes. you just got done talking about the fact that a stool falls over unless you have the other legs there. did you get the sense in these insider talks that people are actually going to take on entitlement reform? >> i think behind the scenes talk, yes. right now there is a lot of public posturing going on and that, i think, i personally think that's a problem because in the negotiation of this complexity, you have to be very careful about what you do and say because saying one thing in a speech not only hardens the opposition or the other party, it also hardens your people, makes it harder for you to maneuver -- >> brian: i saw this in the speech yesterday with the people behind him, the middle class people behind him and the announcement went toker address. that seemed to be the definition of posturing. >> i don't know if it's a definition of posturing, i'm not
4:20 am
sure it's helpful in terms of lack of trust that exists from previous negotiations and the lack of trust exists on both sides. let's be honest. but they have to find the trust. they got to work towards a solution that will help the american people in both the short-term and the long-term. it can be done. don't forget, once the leaders cut a deal, it's got to pass the house and it's got to pass the senate. >> steve: there are a lot of people on both sides who say yea and nay to both of them. thank you very much for dropping by. >> gretchen: coming up, the numbers are staggering. the record amount of student loan debt straight ahead. >> steve: then it's a story that has a lot of parents talking. would you want to know if your baby is going to grow up to be obese? there is a way to find out. dr. siegle has the data. he's next. [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices
4:21 am
of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
>> brian: 14.9 million. that's how many american households were on food stamps last year. up 12% from 2010. seven out of ten, that's how many americans prefer to say merry christmas over happy holidays. that should put a smile on your face, gretch. >> gretchen: i hope you heard brian, 'cause i didn't. but he looked fantastic.
4:25 am
coming up right now, a new on-line test may help parents predict if their baby will actually be obese. it's a simple formula that takes into account a child's birth weight, the parents' body mass index, household size, mom's professional status, and whether or not mom smoked during pregnancy. so is this actually right? joining us is the fox news medical director, dr. mark siegle, part of our a team here. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> gretchen: i find this study fascinating on many, many fronts. do you like it? >> well, i like your opening point that it's too good to be true. i also am always suspicious of these calculators, plug in this and you have future success. i think it's too simplistic. but what i do like about it is i like the idea of parents looking when a child is born and saying, what risks does this child have, because that's the period of time, gretchen, when parents are most susceptible to making changes. if you're pregnant and off newborn coming and they say to
4:26 am
you, some professional says to you, look, there is a high risk that they're going to gain a lot of weight, this study shows that an 80% predictive value, meaning 80% of the time, a baby is going to be overweight if you predict it. the biggest predictor is the weight of the parents. in other words, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out u about maybe you should be reminded. if you yourself is overweight, your husband is overweight, maybe your child will be. >> gretchen: so people would get that and you're right, you don't have to be a heart surgeon or rocket scientist to figure that one out. but household size? i mean, so you go and you see your ob-gyn, how do you change that before you have your baby? and then mother's professional status? mom is going to change her career and suddenly your kid will be skinny? >> no, that's the one that has the weakest science to it. but i think the suggestion is if you're in a lower socioeconomic group and you can't afford the gourmet meals, maybe you'll eat fast food and end up feeding your baby inappropriately. but here is the point, i think
4:27 am
that's kind of silly, but i think education isn't silly. i think the idea of getting a lifestyle going for your infant that you can then capitalize on later on. gretchen, i take my children with me to the gym. i'm gog lose my gym membership for saying this, but i have my 7-year-old on the elliptical. that's what parents should say. is there soda in the icebox? once you start something, it's easier to keep them skinny. >> gretchen: i think that's my point with this study is that you're the doctor, so genetics obviously play a role in so many different things. but doesn't personal responsibility and the way in which you raise your children have a huge part of it? if you're feeding them doritss for breakfast, they're probably going to get fat! >> i agree with you. i think also the study agrees with that. this study started when they looked at 4,000 finished kids in finland and predicted it was genetics. they said it's going to be general thetics, burr the study ended up showing over 16 years
4:28 am
that it wasn't genetics. it's not that you're predisposed. it's exactly whether you feed them doritss or not. but the problem is once you start feeting them doritos you can't stop. i have this in my office where i'm saying to some 50-year-old who hasn't exercised in 25 years, get on the treadmill. they look at me with a glazed stare. better to start when they're children. >> gretchen: by the way, my favorite flavor, cool ranch. i think you're still going to be able to have your gym membership. >> i hope so. i hope they're not watching. >> gretchen: great to see you. thank you. so if you want to take this test on-line, go to "fox & friends".com. our web site after the show, of course. take the test. find out. very important. next on the run down, this story made a whole lot of people sick. a dad caught on camera mocking a disabled girl. now his punishment is in. then get your motor running. brand-new cars being unveiled today. you'll see them here first, like
4:29 am
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4:33 am
>> they always do this, an article out today says most lottery winners are no happier than before winning the jackpot. that's a fair trade, huh? how many wouldn't mind being miserable for $550 million? [ cheers and applause ] that's right! you live with the pain. you learn to live with the pain. >> steve: we can cope. >> brian: scientists have done the study and they say happiness only increases up to $75,000. >> steve: that's right. >> brian: so when you get over 75 thousand dollars, you're happy. you're just as happy with $75,000 a year as you are with $75 million a year. >> gretchen: i want to see proof of that. >> brian: special thanks to the guys in lab coats. >> gretchen: what's jay leno talking about because he makes a lot. >> steve: he's doing okay. >> brian: he seems happy. >> gretchen: we had an interesting guest on in our first hour who won like more than $200 million and he said that it actually was kind of hellish. all these people came rushing to
4:34 am
him for money, he gave money to his family and now they don't even speak to him anymore. he had to hire security. it's interesting when you parce out all the details. >> steve: a lot of people get hooked on bad things, drugs, alcohol, gambling. >> gretchen: thank goodness we all lost! >> steve: don't you feel better? >> brian: if you see billionaire walking around, just give them a hug. let them know you're there for them. >> brian, you're fired. >> gretchen: that's from a billionaire! >> brian: thank you. >> gretchen: time for the rest of your headlines. head scratching claim today from the owner of the bangladesh factory where 112 people died in a fire. the owner says he was never informed that emergency exits were needed? what? fire officials claim the death toll would have been much lower if the factory actually had ways for workers to get out of the building. imagine that novel thought. the bangladesh labor minister now says all factories without
4:35 am
emergency exits will be closed until their facilities are upgraded. >> steve: a man in ohio getting the maximum punishment for bullying a young girl with have been bag palsy. he will spend one month in jail. he was recorded on cell phone video making fun much how the ten-year-old walks. >> any time she sees him, if she sees him out the window, you know, he still does the intimidation, maybe not to the full extent that he has been, but he does it. >> steve: jailed to think about that. bailey has family. brian? >> brian: olympic gold medalist choosing books. choosing school over going pro. the medalist will finish her high school swimming in aurora, colorado. can you imagine lining up next to her? she'd head to the university of california berkeley. >> gretchen: unsuspecting elevator riders. did you see this video?
4:36 am
they got the scare -- i think i would have passed out. watch this. >> gretchen: now that, is who they see in the elevator. watch this guy. as you can see, people screamed, jumped in the air action one person begins slamming on the emergency button. it turns out it was a prank bay brazilian tv show. but they could be in a lot of trouble because these people could sue, like imagine if you had a heart attack after seeing that scary looking figure in your elevator. >> steve: i bet they signed a release before they got in the elevator. >> gretchen: you think so? >> steve: yeah, probably. >> brian: doesn't anyone think to help the kid? she obviously hasn't slept.
4:37 am
>> steve: oh, brazilians. >> brian: that show sounds successful. let's talk about sports. major baseball releases the hall of fame ballot. the most controversial names in the last generation. and the most successful. barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa. they should walk right through. the problem is they're all linked to performance enhancing drugs. the question is, do you put barry bonds, sammy sosa and roger clemens with the all-time greats knowing that they weren't doing anything to help them be successful, like performance enhancers? do they belong with aaron? do they belong with babe ruth? make your decision. i have made mine and i don't believe they do. temper flairing during the brooklyn nets game in boston.
4:38 am
the form husband of kim kardashian takes it out, throws him to the floor. the fight breaks out. the nets say hey, we're not the old nets anymore. we not only win games, we stick up for each other. one gets tossed out, then another. a lot of people almost got hurt. they went into the third row in boston with the fans there. in the end, the nets win on the road 95-83. >> steve: yeah. that's fans. >> brian: finally, big rule change could be coming to golf. golf's governing body are proposing a ban on anchoring. that's when a player holds the putter against his body to steady the end. the usga and rna say it gives golfers an unfair advantage. if approved it could go into effect in 2016. among the people happy about it, tiger woods and greg norman. they believe it should be a free swing. >> steve: they don't do it that way. >> brian: you could say they're doing it for the good of the game. >> gretchen: wait a minute. you're holding the shaft of the
4:39 am
putter against your body? >> brian: against your belly. and you're able to anchor it that way and they don't feel that is necessarily correct. >> steve: fasten your seatbelts, we're getting another sneak peek at some of the hottest new cars to hit the road next year. 49 never before seen vehicles are being unveiled at the l.a. car show. that's where car czar doug joins us live. good morning to you. >> hey, good morning. lot going on here in l.a it's really early. big news today from fiat. let's start with jlo's favorite car. you saw her driving it last year. fiat introduced the l. what's significant? the back do. it's gotten big. four doors on the l, going after the mini club med crowd. how about a car that gets over 100 mpg's? that's what the 500 e is saying it will do it weather it goes on
4:40 am
sale. fully electric, 80-mile range. they ripped the roof off of this. you saw a lot of commercials for these last year. they were so popular, you cooperate get one. now the roof comes off. the trio rolling into show rooms in 2013. take a look at this from hyundai. they're adding a third row, the hyundai santa fe, upping the passenger count big time. 3.3-liter v 6. it has an impresssive 290 horsepower. it has get up and go. taller than the existing one. it will go on sale early 2013. also gm getting charged up over this car. this is the chevy spark. what's notable about this electric is you can bring the batteries back to an 80% charge in just 20 minutes. so if you pull over on the side of the throughway, you can plug it in and 20 minutes later, have an 80% charge. that overcomes a lot of the gripes about electric cars that it takes too long to recharge
4:41 am
them. how about a mini van that you're not allowed to call a mini van, that's what ford is saying. this is the transit connect stanley wagon. it's super configurable. i like the big doors. you may see these in manhattan as cabs. but now families will like them, too. 30 miles to the gallon. fold down seats in the second and third row. i have four kids and i have no doubt they'll want me to buy them one. also from bmw, look at this, gretchen, you'll like this one. this is the i 3 coupe concept. it's electric, but carbon fiber body, 100-mile range. the thing that i like about it, or maybe don't like about it, it's constantly connect to the internet, at all times, it's hooked up and i don't know if i really want to be hooked up to the internet all the time. but at least this car -- finally from mazda. look at the cx 5. this has best in class fuel economy. what does that mean? a crossover that gets 35 miles to the gallon. sky active technology credited for that. 35 mpg's is no joke.
4:42 am
from hyundai, this is a veloster concept. in the back of that, the cargo space made out of recycled skate boards. where did they get all them? i have no idea. but this is california after all. we're live in los angeles on the floor of the show. back to you in new york. >> steve: you just mentioned you've got children. out of curiousity, since you are a car expert, what kind of car do you drive? >> really? you guys are going to hate me. i drive the biggest thing. it's like the partridge family bus. it's a gmc yukon xl. i have so many kids, i forget their names! they're all over the place. i'm kidding. i have the biggest vehicle in the world. i have a big dinalix xl. gets like 3 miles to the gallon. >> gretchen: all those cars you just showed us, like 1 1/2 people can fit in them. i don't really get it. >> right! i would be nine of them for my family. >> gretchen: exactly.
4:43 am
thanks, doug. >> steve: coming up, pork and peanut butter can kill you. peanut foods making headlines this week. just how worried should you be? john stossel is on the case next. i wonder what he had for breakfast. >> brian: you know justin bieber's music. but we bet you don't know how he skyrocket to do fame and the mom who struggled to get in there. she joins us live with her story that leads to justin's story in just a moment. >> steve: good morning, patty this holiday, share everything.
4:44 am
share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with uimited talk and text. by htc for $49.99.
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4:46 am
swithout shriners hospitals,he things i'm able to do. my life would be completely different. when i was seven, we found out i had scoliosis. everything changed when they stepped in. it was like they gave me my future back. tori's life is one of nearly a million changed by donations from people like you. send your love to the rescue. donate today. >> gretchen: 46 minutes past the top of the hour. quick headlines. new details about that texas train crash that killed four wounded warriors during a parade in their honor. the train only gave a 20 second warning instead of the intended 30 seconds. two veterans have filed a lawsuit against both the train and the truck company. entertainment news, demi moore reportedly back in the arms of another younger guy. according to the "new york post," the 50-year-old cougar
4:47 am
has been seen with a 26-year-old guy, an art dealer. good for her. brian? >> brian: we'll follow that story as it develops. new reports warning americans that some of their favorite foods could be making them sick. "consumer reports" just tested raw samples of pork from across the u.s. showing some contained harmful bacteria. this coming as the f.d.a. shuts down the nation's largest peanut butter plant following a salmonella outbreak. so should americans be worried about what is in their next meal? our next guest says no. it's all a bunch of hype. who would my next guest be? he's got to be john stossel who wrote that book. why shouldn't we be more concerned? >> i wouldn't say it's all hype. we should be concerned. a lot of people think they got the flu and it's really flu poisoning and hundreds die. and chicken, you take raw chicken home from the supermarket, you should treat it like fecal matter 'cause it's covered with e.coli. don't put it on the cutting
4:48 am
board. but this assumption that it would poison us without the government is what is mistaken because the government inspection process is the same as it was during the eisenhower administration. every plant has a union guy in there watching every herb go buy on the line looking for visible signs of filth. but bacteria is invisible. >> brian: is your contention that markets will force them to be clean, like tyson food doesn't want to poison people, they'd go out of business. had let the market decide. not some inspector. >> that scares people. but companies like that have thousands of people they hire beyond what the government requires to inspect food and do micro biological modern testing. they are why food is safe. not the government. >> brian: john stossel, this is a little of what you will be talking about tonight when we watch you on the "fox business" network and often repeat you over the weekends on fox news channel. correct? >> yes. all about food freedom. >> brian: what time can we see
4:49 am
you? >> 9:00 o'clock. >> brian: john stossel live. first do you our show. thanks so much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. how did this young man become the most popular kid in the world? justin bieber's mom here with the incredible story that she authored and put together, what her life was like before justin and after [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot?
4:50 am
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4:52 am
♪ . >> gretchen: in a few short years, justin bieber has become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet and just think, it all started with the youtube videos uploaded by his own mom, patty. she shares her story of how
4:53 am
faith helped her survive her own troubled life in her new book "nowhere but up." we're joined this morning by patty. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: why did you put them on youtube initially that turned him into the world's biggest star? >> we originally put them on for his grandmother to see because she wasn't able to make the local singing competition. and so -- >> steve: look what he's up to. >> yeah. and we posted up the video. next thing you know, strangers are commenting and requesting -- >> steve: because they noticed the name of the song, they liked the song, turned it on and there is that little kid. >> there was justin singing such and such and kind of spiraled. >> brian: you talk about in your book when he said, i want to join this contest. you're like it's got to be a soccer tryout or something with sports 'cause you had a little athlete on you no, it's singing. you talk about him evolving 'cause you have musical talent yourself. you said it was so hard to tape because you were doing what? when you were taping him, you
4:54 am
said it was hard because you were crying. >> right. >> brian: you couldn't believe how good he was. >> yeah. >> brian: did he wow the crowds then? >> he did. we always played music and sang around the house. i knew he was good, but i didn't know that other people were going to react that way. >> steve: where did that talent come from? >> i know his -- i mean, i'm musical, but his dad's side of the family as well is really musical and his grandmother is really gifted. >> steve: the bieber side. >> yeah. >> gretchen: here is the interesting thing is that you were 17 years old when you gave birth to this beautiful child. you had an incredibly troubled life growing up. you chronicle a lot of that in this book. it's very painful. >> yeah. >> gretchen: why did you want to tell that part of the message? >> you know, i went through a really horrific childhood and i started sharing my story of how i came through on the other side since before justin started his career. and so the first time i let him
4:55 am
hear my story, he was 12 years old. >> steve: you just leveled with him? >> i let him hear me share the story and we talked about it. >> brian: what was his reaction? >> he cried. it was hard for him to hear some of the painful things that mom had gone through. >> brian: because you went through drugs, alcohol, rehab. you tried to kill yourself. you threw yourself in front of a truck. you wanted to die. >> yeah. and there was a lot of rejection and abandonment and sexual abuse growing up as well. so all that combination of things. >> gretchen: but here is what you say saved you, which is faith. >> it was huge in my life, to help me turn around from what i came from. ended up in the hospital for trying to commit suicide and i just desperately cried out and not even believing and had this
4:56 am
encounter that i just couldn't deny. so from then i have just been searching and seeking. >> brian: it was a passage that kept coming up over and govern. what was that passage? >> jeremiah 29 : 11. for i know the plans i have for you, says the lord. >> gretchen: have you passed along that faith to justin? >> i've done my best to teach him what i believe and what i want him to believe. but ultimately we have to make our own decision. >> steve: we read so much about him in the tabloid, he seems like a pretty good kid. >> he is. >> steve: he was a speeder. he got that sports car and driving too fast. >> brian: we're uniquely qualified to answer this. we had the chance to see justin in the green room he seems like a great guy. we interviewed selena gomez many times. we approve of this relationship. do you? >> i do. yes. she's a real sweetheart. >> gretchen: so it's not over? >> you know, they're still together. >> steve: that's good. >> they're breaking up and getting together?
4:57 am
you've done enough. >> steve: check out the book. thank you. justin bieber's mom. tell him we said hi. >> i will. >> gretchen: coming up, in a few short years, that's not what we're going to talk about. you though is coming up? michelle malkin. >> steve: find out how a cop gave a guy some booze
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is thursday, november 29, 2012. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day. i'm gretchen carlson. there are two winners. yep, only two in the record powerball jackpot. the tickets sold in arizona and missouri. but there are a lot of other folks walking away with still millions. how does that happen? and could you be one of them? we'll tell you. >> steve: don't throw that slip away yet. and the president and mitt romney about to sit down for a closed door lunch at the white house. what are they going to talk about? brand-new details live from the white house. >> brian: we teach our kids to stay away from drugs. but one mom giving her
5:01 am
7-year-old pot. she says it's for medical reasons. really? really? "fox & friends" starts when we're good and ready when which is now. ♪ . >> gretchen: i had a flashback. at first i thought that was the wiener mobile. >> steve: really? >> brian: it looks like the bat mobile. >> gretchen: remember when that was on our la plaza? >> steve: that's the dominator 2. reed timm are was the ultimate storm tracker tries to figure out where the biggest tornado is in the country and drives that thing up to it. he'll be dropping by live in this hour. >> brian: if he has the courage.
5:02 am
>> steve: look at that crazy gizmo sticking out of the top. >> gretchen: you know what scared him more than anything else? >> brian: driving throughout tunnel? >> gretchen: nope. here is the tease before the segment. what scared that guy, he's been through almost every storm, what scared him more than anything else? we'll tell you. >> steve: all right. >> brian: i do not know the answer. how do we get an invite to this lunch? fresh from a bruising battle, three debates, debate that got very personal at times, these two men will pretend to like each other, shake hands and touch each other, will have a chance to sit down, break bread without the cameras and the press around. what's going to be happening at today's lunch at the white house with mitt romney and president obama? who knows in peter doocy will speculate. >> brian, there won't be any staff at today's lunch. it's just going to be president obama and mitt romney in the white house's private dining room at 12:30. this meeting was set up about a week after the election when the
5:03 am
white house reached out to romney and he accepted the invitation. a senior romney aide says the former governor is coming in with no agenda and that today's one on one will just be two adversaries sitting down for a social lunch, which is the same sentiment we heard from the president's press secretary. >> president said that there are aspects of president romney's record and governor romney's ideas that he believes could be very helpful. the president noted that governor romney did a terrific job running the olympics and that skill set lends itself to ideas that could make the federal government work better, which is a passion of the president's. as you know, he's requested reorganization authority from the congress to do just that. >> how friendly will things be today? we don't know. yesterday the chief strategist for the romney campaign, stewart stevens, published an op ed that says in part, there was a time not so long ago when the problems of the democratic party revolved around being too liberal and too dependent on
5:04 am
minorities. obama turned those problems into advantages and rode that strategy to victory. and don't forget, it's only been a little more than six weeks since mr. obama and mr. romney had a showdown over the deadly 9-11 raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. is that what you're saying? >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record. >> and before he leaves dc, mitt romney will stage a republican ticket reunion by getting together with his former running mate, congressman paul ryan, who recently returned to work over on the hill. back to you. >> steve: all right. we know there will be no cameras, no official photograph at this point, but do we have any idea what they'll have for lunch? >> we don't know. we know mitt romney is a big fan of peanut but ther and honey sandwiches, although it seems
5:05 am
like that might be a little informal for a sit down. >> steve: we should know by 1:00 o'clock. peter on the north lawn, thank you. >> brian: i suggest liverwurst spread. good at any ehave not. >> gretchen: i would not. i had to eat it growing up. i o.d'd on it. >> brian: i like anything that comes in a tube, that's squeezable. >> gretchen: i would recommend to mitt romney not go to the lunch. >> brian: i know. a lot of people agree with you. >> gretchen: because i just don't -- i mean, the president had four years to listen to republican ideas. if he agreed so much with mitt romney, they wouldn't have even debated over anything. why would -- i understand it's a classy thing to do, but mitt romney is not going back into politics. he doesn't need to go to this lunch. you really think the president is going to come out of that meeting and say, wow. mitt romney, you really make sense. i love all your ideas about the economy and i'm going to listen -- >> steve: he does have some ideas on how to run the government more efficiently, i'm sure they will listen to each other. it is a classy thing to do. besides, it got started when john f. kennedy invited nixon to
5:06 am
their house in palm beachment they had a nice conversation. when nixon was president, he invited hubert humphrey in and actually offered hubert humphrey the opportunity to be the united nations ambassador. humphrey turned him down. >> brian: the only reason i would agree with gretchen is if he said 85% of the ads you took out were against me personally. i'm a little bitter. >> gretchen: but he's not going to listen to the ideas. that's my point. the rest of your headlines. the $359.9 million powerball goes to two people in two states. the wins numbers 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the big powerball number, 6. one winning ticket is from arizona. congratulations. the other one in missouri. double congratulations. in three hours action the arizona lottery is expected to make an announcement regarding the winner. here in the tri-state area, new york, new jersey and connecticut, 14 tickets matched five numbers and you know what happens then? you still win $1 million.
5:07 am
while you were sleeping, lindsay lohan was being arrested again. this is brand-new video of the reason why. police say lindsey punched this woman in the face. according to tmz, she was at the nightclub, avenue, somewhere in manhattan, around 4:00 a.m. this morning. she got into a verbal fight with a woman. lindsey reportedly saying something like, give me my space. then for some reason, she allegedly punched her in the face. lindsey tried to get away in a car, but police were able to catch up with her and arrested her. it's personal. heading to the united nations to personally ask for palestinian statehood and expected he's going to get his wish. he wants palestinians to be upgraded from the so-called title of entity to a nonmember observer state. the change largely symbolic, but it would provide some international recognition for palestinian control over areas that israel captured in the 1976
5:08 am
six-day war. >> i have said many times that the path to a two-state solution that fulfills the aspirations of the palestinian people is through jerusalem and ramallah. not new york. >> gretchen: israel already said it will not return to negotiations after this vote. they don't call them new york's finest for nothing. you're about to see a photo of a police officer being an internet hero. nypd officer saw a homeless man in times square with no shoes on his feet. he started talking to the man. he found out his shoe size. then he went into a sketcher store and bought a pair of boots for him. a tourist from arizona snapped this picture and posted it on the nypd facebook page. the officer, who is 25 years old, says he's kept the receipt for the 75-dollar boots in his desk to remind him that sometimes people have it worse off than the rest of us.
5:09 am
>> steve: yeah, the boots he bought were $100, but the person at the sketcher store said that's quite a store, i'll give you the employee discount. >> brian: joining us now, a person that would do something like this, michelle malkin. welcome back. let's get right to it. i saw your tweet, you're going to talk about news of the day and the news of the day is this budget battle. do you believe the president is poised to give and meet halfway? >> you know, this is loosey charlie brown and the football, kick the can down the road and the wimpy plan all rolled into one. you remember wimpy, popeye's friend, i'll gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today, and obama would gladly agree to spending cuts later for tax increases now. republicans have been rolling over on these kinds of deals since as long as i've been able to remember. since i was in garanimals with reagan and tip o'neill and the democrats then were promising
5:10 am
spending cuts that never came, through george bush and george mitchell who came away from a similar deal with a big smirk on his face and no spending cuts. i think it's about time republicans stop rolling over and falling for these deals. please, because why do we have a republican party if they don't say no? >> steve: sure. and we've been talking about how the atmosphere on capitol hill officially with the big negotiators has been kind of gloomy. politico, the lefty blog, says that inside the talks with the people who are doing a lot of talks, contours of a deal including the size of tax hikes and spending cuts, it will contain are starting to take shape. so it does sound like even though both sides are still strident in what they don't want to give up, sounds like behind the scenes they're starting to come to the middle. >> yeah. but if history is any indication, it's the republicans who move to the middle and the democrats who never budge and always get their way.
5:11 am
>> gretchen: so michelle, why is that? why would republicans settle for just kicking the can down the road? >> well, because that has been the sort of drive in washington in modern politics. this was the reason why the tea party sprung up when it did. remember that it wasn't just disgust with democrats and obama. it was disgust with big government, big republican capitulation. and i think what it underscores is the need for reenforcements of real grassroots conservatives who are not afraid to be conservative on capitol hill. >> steve: all right. let's talk a little about something close to your heart. blog wise right now. >> brian: she loves owls. >> steve: she does. unfortunately, you refer to the president as the job killing owl killer. >> yeah. over thanksgiving, of course, there was a big turkey that was dropped by this white house. it was the final rule on
5:12 am
critical habitat forrthern spot. remember that for more than two decades now, we've had massive federal intervention and practically the did he say mation of the timber industry in the pacific northwest to rye and save the northern spotted owl. there are about 3,000 to 5,000 of these furry creatures left in the pacific northwest. and the decline has been precipitous, despite endangered species act enforcement. so now what the obama administration has decided to do is nearly double the amount of acreage that is off limits for logging. it's now 9.6 million-acres. but it's not going to do any good because the real culprit in the disappearance of the northern spotted owl is no, not loggers or people who work in the timber industry. it's another owl! so guess what, now we're going to fund the fish and wildlife service to do, shoot this other owl, the predatory barred owl,
5:13 am
in order to save -- >> brian: you're kidding? >> no, i'm not kidding. shooting owls to save them. this is liberal environmental protectionism and the logic that yields these kind of results. hello! taxpayers, are you listening! >> steve: go to and you'll be twitching when you hear about this. michelle, thank you very much. have a great weekend. we'll see you next week. >> you bet. >> brian: who would be the good owl and who would be the bad owl? >> steve: you better -- >> gretchen: i wouldn't want to be the shooter. coming up, housing act set to expire in a few weeks could cost homeowners a whole lot of money. bob massi has been reaching out to lawmakers. i wond for they take his calls. the response he just got will shock you. >> brian: we teach our kids to stay away from drugs. one mom is giving her 7-year-old pot. she says it's for medical reasons. this is not kathy doocy, is it? >> steve: what? >> brian: making sure. >> steve: i don't think so. >> brian: okay hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> brian: in a few weeks u.s. home owners could be facing devastation if the tax is allowed to expire. bob massi has been pressing through this crucial issue for months. >> it expires at the ends of this year action don't forget to call your representatives, united states representatives to tell them they must extend the mortgage relief act because it could be devastating to our whole country in real estate. >> brian: i love that guy. when massey reached out to his local congressman, he got a cut in paste response. i have co-sponsored legislation to extend the mortgage debt relief act. so are we really on the brink of a housing disaster? bob massi, how close are we to getting it renewed or collapsed?
5:18 am
>> stuck in the ways and means committee now, brian. they've got as they always do with these bills, attached to other bills, talk to them the other day. again, they're still a big fight going on in this extension. as i think it will show, last week 43 of the attorney generals in this country wrote a letter saying exactly what i said back in may. please, please, please extend this relief act. it will be devastating to homeowners in america. >> brian: in the scenario it's not, what happens? i'm upside down in my mortgage, it doesn't get extended, then what happens? >> tax liability. in other words, let's say there is $100,000 that from a foreclosure that the lender has forgiven. you, the homeowner, will have to pay ordinary income tax on that $100,000. if somebody wrote a check to you. that's why this law was passed by president bush in 2007. the other thing that will happen is bankruptcies. people will be forced to file bankruptcy before foreclosure to discharge the debts so they don't have this tax liability.
5:19 am
and most importantly, freeze the entire market, brian. short sales will go away. it will be devastating. they better do something. i pray they do. >> brian: bob, what if -- the market is showing sign, as you know, of coming back. what if the price of these homes start coming back? could the market heal itself? >> you know, brian, it's a good question. i encourage, when i see prices going up. some of it is fictional. there is a supply and demand. like in vegas, ground zero, there have been some places where they've gone up, different areas of town. but it's not necessarily the true trend of what's going to happen because there are so many of these other issues hanging out. the other thing is, once they start foreclosing again, there is going to be more prices that's going to be affected. so there is a lot of other issues we're dealing with. >> brian: harry reid never got back to you. >> of course. >> brian: thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, the 7-year-old allowed to do pot?
5:20 am
her mom gives it to her. yep. she says it's for medical reasons. is that ever a good idea? that story is next. and a star from that '70s show got arrested in this century. under arrest at this hour, who was busted and why? it was a big cast. guess at home. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made?
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5:23 am
>> steve: quick headlines on in thursday morning. shocking new details more thanking about this texas train crash that killed four wounded warriors during a parade in their honor. a federal probe found the
5:24 am
oncoming train only gave a 20-second warning rather than the intended 30 seconds. two veterans have now filed a lawsuit against both the train and the truck company. and gitmo detainees coming to america. democratic senator diane feinstein says it's a viable option. she spent federal dollars on a study to identify prisons that could house the detainees. four years ago president obama said he would close gitmo. let's just go back on over to the big curvy couch. we'll talk about something that happens every year about this time, the speculation on -- >> gretchen: the time person of the year? >> steve: exactly. some are suggesting maybe sandra fluke would be a good person. >> gretchen: that would be interesting. i guess she was in the news because of course, she was the face of -- >> brian: of contraception. >> gretchen: the democratic party when she spoke at the democratic convention and she was a law school student. >> brian: let's look back in history and decide if she adds
5:25 am
up to that. does her accomplishment equal that of charles lindbergh? pope john paul ii, eisenhower, newt gingrich, putin, george bush? these are people -- john f. kennedy, martin luther king, these are all people that have been on time magazine's person, people, men of the year. >> gretchen: you know what would be interesting is? do you have the ten most recent? >> brian: yes, i do. >> gretchen: i'd love to see if times have changed. >> brian: really? >> steve: sometimes don't do people. they did the personal computer. >> brian: last year they had the protester. then they had mark zuckerberg. then bernanke. then they had president obama. putin. this one is the personal computer. >> gretchen: is there a woman in there? >> brian: wait a second. good samaritans. >> steve: so the point is, here is sandra fluke who, you know, she wasn't running for president. she wasn't even really one of the top tier folks and yet time magazine considering her for
5:26 am
person of the year. bill o'reilly is amazed at time magazine. he does work over in studio a. he is amazed at how the status of time magazine has deevolved to now where they're considering somebody like her, or some other people just barely on the fringe of entertainment are being considered as the person of the year. here is bill o. >> rapper jay-z has been nominated. why on earth would he be the person of the year? ditto, jon stewart and steven colbert. steven is great. but why person of the year? joe biden is on the list. for what reason? what has the vice president done? new jersey governor chris christie is there. okay. you could make a case he handled sandy well. but what else? our pal karl rove, on the person of the year list. why? also psy. we dealt with him yesterday.
5:27 am
you know what? i'm voting for him. i want him to be person of the year because that would send time magazine a message, stop screwing around. if barak obama doesn't win person of the year, i'll be surprised. yes, time nominated mitt romney. but he has no chance. neither does hillary clinton who was somewhat responsible for the libyan mess. bill clinton is on the list. i vote for jay-z over the former president. i have nothing against mr. clinton. he's another brilliant man. but why would he be person of the year? for what? so you can see that we are living in a very shallow time in america. pardon the pun. >> gretchen: that's such an interesting point because remember a lot of people scratch their heads when president obama won the nobel peace prize as well. i think it was in his first year in office. >> steve: two months in. >> gretchen: not that he shouldn't have won it, but maybe a couple of years after he had been president. so it's interesting to see maybe it falls in line with the whole theory of that we're kind of
5:28 am
becoming a celebrity nation instead of what we used to be. >> steve: it also shows how irrelevant time magazine has become. >> brian: it's also great because bill o'reilly watches. for you to salute him, that's goodle. straight ahead, she's one of the most liked moms in the -- disliked. >> brian: one of the most disliked moms in the country. we just found out who set to play casey anthony in the movie. >> steve: you'll dislike that. then is the lottery really just a big fat tax in disguise? eric bolling says yeah. he brought his white board to prove it. he's next. >> brian: how does he travel with that [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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>> brian: labor department releasing new weekly jobless numbers. 393,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's lower than the week before, but higher than expected. eric bolling, your instant analysis on this. these numbers were not like this in the fall. >> they certainly weren't like it leading up to the election. interesting the first full week after the election the number jumped to 400 and change and now nearly 400,000 again. i got to tell you, these are not good numbers. remember -- >> steve: is there some sandy in that? >> clearly some sandy burks we predicted that in the last one. the economists knew about sandy. they planned for sandy last week
5:33 am
when they got 470,000, whatever number they got last week. they had already planned for it. this one is also exceeding economists' expectations. bad news. a week from tomorrow, we'll get the november unemployment rate. we'll find out what the number comes in. i have a hunch if the trend has been like this, you're going to see more unemployment. >> gretchen: i don't understand the claim that a hurricane makes people get fired. >> not fired. temporarily out of work. if if you're a construction worker, you can't build whatever you're building, a house or road. so you go and take your unemployment claims. but economists knew that. so these numbers are exceeding everything that they thought. >> steve: there is still 800 businesses with no electricity. >> yeah. >> brian: by the way, i just don't understand this, where is that push for holiday hiring? holiday hiring usually helps out with unemployment. >> again, they -- there is holiday hiring. amazon put 50,000 temporary holiday hires on to help them
5:34 am
get them through the holiday season. it's easily adjusted. >> gretchen: didn't they see that before when before the election when the numbers were going down, didn't they say that that was because of all the part-time hiring? the argument was that -- >> right before, remember this right before the election, the last number, last unemployment number before the election, there were 400,000 people who took temporary work, which exceeded any month prior, probably years prior, i've never seen that number that big. it brought the unemployment number down below 8%. the final month before. guess what? there is a good chance it's going to go back up over 8%. >> brian: let's talk about the lottery. lottery is a tax. here is how. you take this, this is the winner's side side. this is the government's take. 580 million. a 50/50 proposition for every dollar raised, one dollar goes into the pot. the state takes 580. the jackpot became 580 million. if you took lump sum,
5:35 am
380 million that, means 200 million go back to the government side. 133 federal tax, $15 million in state tax, using missouri state tax rate. guess what? governments take nearly a billion dollars, took in nearly a billion dollars last night and the winner split 232 million. so 116 million. >> gretchen: here is the question that nobody can answer for me today. that is the whole purpose of the lottery, the intention of the lottery originally was for states to raise money to help education. >> sure. >> they do. >> gretchen: excuse me. we are terrible at school right now. our students are on a downgrade. we're talking constantly about having no budgets for our schools and we're talking right now on capitol hill about raising taxes because we have no money. >> and by the way, guys, there is a huge, huge controversy brewing over this literally trillion dollar bomb that could explode in student loans defaulting and maybe there is
5:36 am
going to be some sort of push to bail that sector out. maybe that's the next obama bailout. >> steve: thank you very much. we'll be watching you and brian. you'll be two of the five on "the five." >> brian: you want me to try that? i don't think i'm worthy. >> steve: are you tacking to the hand there? >> that's what we do. >> brian: that's eric's thing. >> gretchen: she played laurie on the '70s show and now lisa robin kelly is under arrest. >> many of the -- mommy! laurie! oh, my goodness, i knew you'd come! hi, daddy. >> oh, the phone broken in chicago? >> gretchen: police in north carolina arrested her. she doesn't look so good there -- for attacking her husband. they say drugs and alcohol were likely not a factor. the 42-year-old was also busted for spousal abuse in march. the charges were dropped.
5:37 am
>> steve: mark your calendars, the casey anthony made for tv movie premieres this january. it is based off the book "imperfect justice" written by the d.a. the movie will be told mostly through the eyes of the lawyers in the case, considering who wrote it, that would be appropriate. actress virginia walsh has been cast to play anthony. we're told she only made a few brief appearances in the film that's coming up. meanwhile -- a fox news alert. we take you live to london where a new independent regulatory body has just been recommended after the phone hacking scandal there. lord justice levinson is making a statement. let's listen in. >> and the statements of nearly 300 others were read into the record. i am grateful to all who have contributed. the report will now be published on the inquiry web site which
5:38 am
also carries the statements, exhibits, and both transcripts and video coverage of the evidence. >> steve: all right. results on their web site. plus you can watch the entire thing live right now on our web site,, where it is being stream live. >> brian: now thrive greg live in london on what this all means. or likely to mean. what are you hearing? >> yeah. this is big news. gets right to the core issues of the conduct of the feisty newspapers here. also basic issues like freedom of speech. it was triggered by scandal involving the illegal hacking into the phones of celebrities, royals, and others o'clock including a young missing girl. that all happened at the now closed news of the world newspaper and other newspapers. news of the world run by our parent company, news corporation. that all led to a 16-month long probe involving 170 witness, including news corps chairman,
5:39 am
rupert murdoch and looked at broader issue, including the relationship between the press and politicians and other officials. he's detailing what he found and what he found was problems at the media watchdog which is now in place. he is calling for a new genuinely independent self-regulatory body. in his words, not influenced by industry or by government and critically backed by new law. the police come off pretty well, according to what we've seen in this report, not offered, not swayed by bribes. politicians may be not so well. it's said maybe they made themselves vulnerable to influence. in court today, two former executives of news corps' newspaper division here, news international, they are facing charges of alleged corrupt payments to officials for something like 80 people who have been arrested so far in connection to this broad scandal. guys, this report is just that,
5:40 am
it is a report. it is a recommendation. we're waiting to hear from british prime minister cameron and others as to what they will do, how they will weigh in and you can follow the judge and all of the events of today on back to you. >> steve: allall right. thank you very much. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: thanks. we give kids a message, say no to drugs. but one oregon mom is raising eyebrow force her decision to treat her daughter's illness with can business oil pills. she claims it's for her own good. but is it? joining me now is the director of the adolescent substance abuse program at boston's children hospital, dr. sharon levy. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: this is such a sad story. this girl has cancer. she is 7 years old. and she's being treated in a variety of different ways, but in oregon, it appears to be legal for her mom to also give her pot. does she have to get that through a doctor or not?
5:41 am
>> well, i think the law says that she has to get a recommendation from a doctor, but that gives a lot of flexibility to the mother to administer the drug and decide how much the child needs. i should also say the law is a state law and there is confusion between state law and federal law. they don't match. so federal law still says that use of marijuana is illegal. it's really a gray area. >> gretchen: i want to you listen to the mom because she's going to defend why she is giving these pill to her sick child. >> instantly when she started taking the cannabis oil, we saw a very good reaction to it. it controlled her nausea, her pain, every symptom she had and she just turned into a normal child. i feel that the long-term consequences of narcotic pain relievers are a lot more damaging to mckayla than a simple organic oil.
5:42 am
>> gretchen: do you agree with that, doctor? she is seven years old. she's being given pot, basically. what's her side effects do you see long-term for her? >> i don't agree with that. i think medical marijuana is an unfortunate term because it's so confusing. they're molecules that are biologically active and they clearly have therapeutic potential, so they do reduce nausea and they can stimulate appetite and they can reduce pain. clearly there is something there that we can work with. but they also have very serious side effects. many of which occur way down the line of the so things like increased risk of depression, anxiety, increased risk of developing schizophrenia, and also we know that children in particular and adolescents who still have developing brains are at risk of dropping i.q. points when they're exposed to marijuana for long periods of time. so there are very serious side effects.
5:43 am
when we make medication, we manipulate molecules so that we reduce the side effects and maximize the therapeutic potential, but marijuana, we haven't done that. it's just a -- >> gretchen: it's such a complicated story and the girl says it makes her feel silly. imagine that. doctor, thanks so much for your thoughts on this complicated case. >> thank you. >> gretchen: another case of political correctness gone too far, the words husband and wife no longer on an option on a marriage certificate? i'm so confused by it, i can't even say it. peter johnson, jr. on that next. then it really is a jungle out there. zebra and pony pal make a run for it down the streets of new york city. how did they get there and did they get away? go, pony. go zebra
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> so much for wedded bliss. lawmakers in washington state are pushing to replace the words, bride and groom, with
5:47 am
spouse a and spouse b on all future marriage certificates. according to the washington state health department, they want to form that works for everybody, including same sex marriage couples. is that a good idea or political correctness gone too far? peter johnson, jr., legal analyst, here. peter, same sex law takes effect in washington state december 6. >> yeah. people in washington said they want to do it and so now the issue is house and wife, bride and groom, do the cultural kinship terms that go with heterosexualarriage go out the window. this is a change, a big change. this will change society in washington and in other states forever. so there has been a vote and gay marriage will be the law of the state of washington as it is in maybe half dozen other states around the country. but the issue becomes, in terms of gender neutrality, in terms of saying well, i'm a spouse. i'm not a husband or wife.
5:48 am
i'm not a bride or groom. i'm someone about to be married. where does it go? do we no longer say father and mother? do we only say parent? do we no longer say brother and sister? do we say sibling? do we no longer say widow or widower? what does it mean in terms of our relationships and how we view each other? people who choose to be engaged in heterosexual marriages? >> steve: so you think what is happening in washington s with this proposal will ripple? >> it's not about gay marriage. it's about what happens to heterosexual marriage and how those partners are defined and how those relationships go forward in our society. it's going to have a tremendous, tremendous impact. language is part of our culture. language defines our culture. language often defines our behavior. watch this. see what happens. this is going to be a big, big c change in our society and how
5:49 am
the smallest of our children understand relationships between parents, between husband and wife, between mother and father. there are such things in our society and if our society continues, there must be. >> steve: all right. you heard it here first. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. meanwhile, most people run away from tornadoes. you're about to meet a guy who drives right into them with the coolest vehicle you've ever seen. that's the guy right there. that is one cool ride. first, bill hemmer is up on about the 12th floor of this sky scraper looking down on that vehicle. >> how are you doing? >> steve: doing okay. >> no tornadoes up here, by the way. at least for the moment. we've got breaking news on the economy. it is still job number one in america, people. power lunch at the white house. we will show you the topics romney and obama will not talk about. another push to close gitmo. we'll tell you what fox news is learning exclusively. another state says no to
5:50 am
obamacare. what does that all mean? martha and i will tell when you we see new ten minutes on america's news room [ male annor 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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5:53 am
>> brian: i've chosen the shot of the day. a lot like last hour. a zebra and his pony pal make a break for it and it's all caught on camera. it happened in staten island. they were cleaning the cage and someone said, you didn't close the door? no, i thought you were and nobody closed the door and they got out. >> steve: listen to this. >> the pony, all right, but a zebra in staten island running past me. so it came towards me. i tried to stop them so they didn't run into the street. i was like, -- it was like the pony was leading and the zebra was behind it. >> steve: crazy. behind them, petting zoo owners,
5:54 am
he lot the animals out to clean their stalls and forgot to close the gate. with the help of the cops, he was able to get them back home. >> brian: excuse me, officer, i lost my zebra. >> steve: while most people flee from a looming storm, one guy does just the opposite. he not only chases storms, but drives this tank-like vehicle right into the heart of the storm. >> brian: and turns out reed timmer is here and joins us live. welcome. >> good morning. >> brian: i know how you got here. you didn't need a car. you had a tank! what the heck is this? >> this is the vehicle we use to drive into tornadoes and it's got 16 gauge seal, coating on the outside, a spike system in there. >> brian: what is that, you put in the humvees in iraq? >> basically. to protect the oil tankers. this keeps us forgetted from flying -- protected from flying trees. >> steve: your car has a skirt. >> yeah. it has a skirt on the bottom and
5:55 am
hydraulic also drop this to the ground. >> steve: so when you're inside the tornado t doesn't have a way to get underneath and pick you up? >> exactly. we want to stay on the ground to record data inside the tornado. >> brian: that's what that's for? >> yeah. that measures hoer zonal wind and this is our air cannon system. >> steve: this glass dome right here, are you telling me that you're going to stand up inside there just -- >> that's our radar. >> steve: that's a radar! >> we used to pop our heads up. >> brian: what's the scariest moment you had? >> probably a window blew out in 2009. we have windows that we press a button and they automatically pop up. >> steve: look how thick this door is. >> yeah, very thick armor. you see the spikes in there to the right. so those will even go into the road, like four or five inches. that keeps us anchored down. >> steve: so you can get better data being inside than outside?
5:56 am
>> exactly. 'cause some of the strongest wind speeds are right near the ground. you got to be up close to measure those. >> steve: you've also -- you've gotten real close and launched some sort of camera inside one of them, right? >> we have. we've these quad copter drones. they'll fly a swarm inside. we have cameras attached to the probes we launch into the tornadoes back here. >> steve: just a guess, if people would like to see the video from your special dominator 2, go to >> brian: do you have a cd? is this the speaker? >> steve: we're going to find out what else is inside the dominator. we'll be right back [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion.
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>> gretchen: back with the storm chaser. i teased with what scared you more than anything
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